Spiritual Communion (Download)

It was with a broken heart that I learned this morning that all public masses in our diocese have been cancelled until further notice. Since I know that many of you, my brothers and sisters, find yourself in the same disheartening situation, I wanted to share this prayer of Spiritual Communion that I have held in my heart for the last 10 years. This is not an official prayer of the Church; it is my own plea to God. It has brought me great comfort over the years when I have been unable to make it to daily Mass.

Precious Jesus,
although I greatly desire it,
at this moment I am unable
to receive You in the
Most Holy Eucharist.
Therefore, I beseech thee, O Lord,
to bestow upon me mystically
all those graces I would
otherwise receive.
Fill me up until I am overflowing,
so that I may, in turn, share those graces
with the rest of the world.

Have faith, brothers and sisters! When churches are closed and the liturgy is denied us, I believe that Christ will pour himself into every heart that cries out to him with longing. ❤️

PLEASE feel free to download and print this prayer! And share with your friends and family!

Who Demands Your Love?

I was standing in line at the post office—a situation I usually manage to avoid with prepaid labels. I could hear the phone ringing in the back, but the lady manning the desk that morning ignored the call and continued helping the customer in front of her. The caller tried again, and someone said, "You can get that if you want." But she replied, "No, the people in front of me are more important."

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The Test of Greatness

This seemed like a very appropriate quote today. It’s the day after the Canadian federal election, and more than a few people—especially those of us in the west—are feeling disappointed at the results. But whether you voted Liberal or Conservative, Green or Christian Heritage, I want to remind everyone that the government does not have the power to save us. Policies will not save us.

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The Two Faces of Femininity

I was born into an age when radical Feminism was already in full swing. Having achieved suffrage and the right to work, gained easy access to birth control, divorce, and abortion, made sexual promiscuity, lesbianism, and rejection of matrimony commonplace, and have in virtually every other respect estranged women from their biological and spiritual motherhood and put her on level playing field with men, you'd think that the debate around gender equality would have cooled down a bit. Yet, here we are, 20 years into the 21st century, and terms like "Feminism" and "toxic masculinity" are still used with increasing frequency and urgency.

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God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways

We live in an age of globalization, a time when anyone with an internet connection can garner thousands, if not millions, of followers. What power that is! And so we face two temptations: the first being that we might implement world-wide change without God's help—if only our voices are loud enough. The second is that I cannot make the change that I want to if I do not first gain recognition on a broad scale.

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Catherine Doherty Creative Process + Time-lapse Video

When I was growing up, we had a little calendar sitting in the kitchen window with a quote from Catherine Doherty for every day of the year. I remember my parents telling me to do the "duty of the moment". Her small snippets of wisdom blessed my childhood and continue to inspire and challenge me to this day. When I was asked to do a portrait of her, I felt no hesitation!

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The Hidden Saints Initiative

I was a fairly ordinary child, in that I didn't particularly enjoy doing chores. My family had a slogan for when one of us kids dared whine or complain. "What is the duty of the moment?" my parents would ask, and give a meaningful look. (Us older kids also happily applied it to the younger children.)

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“Saint Francis Xavier” Creative Process + Time-lapse Video

I will admit that when I was first contacted for this commission, it didn't immediately jog inspiration. I wasn't overly familiar with Saint Francis Xavier and he hadn't been on my radar as far as paintings I was planning on doing in the near future. But God had other ideas—within the space of a few weeks, his name came up unexpectedly several times, affirming that this was a painting I was supposed to do. His feast day passed, for one, and at the end of prayers one normal Rosary Group meeting, a friend asked for his intercession—not anyone else, just Francis, even though we almost never do the intercession of the saints. I can take a hint!

As I researched into his life a little more, I became captivated by his passion and enthusiasm. I borrowed the novel Set all Afire by Louis de Wohl and I officially fell in love with this incredible saint.

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