Fundraising Packages

How They Work

(If you would like for me to handle sales online, skip ahead by clicking HERE.)

Your parish, school, or organization is looking for a way to raise money—maybe for an upcoming event, mission, or just the everyday needs of running a ministry.

You want something that will be fun and interesting and will also spread the Catholic faith.

I've got just the thing.


tiSpark's Fundraising Packages

It's super simple!

In my fundraising packages, I offer all of my prints for an amazing 50% off!


8x10 now  $20 $10each

11x14 now  $30 $15each

16x20 now  $45 $22.50each


You can then sell them for retail price (or more).

Okay... so what does this look like?


Purchase your startup package, which includes a sample of each print you will be offering (your choice of size), as well as posters and a small sign with the prices listed (optional). You decide which prints you will sell.


Take orders for the prints, selling them for retail price or more.

This is a great fundraiser to do at the back of your church after Mass or month by month for religion class in schools.


Once your fundraiser is complete, let me know how many you sold of each print!


I will invoice you the amount owed, and ship all the prints to you within a few days! The rest of the profit is yours to keep.

Online Fundraisers

Don't want to handle sales? No problem! I can add an option in checkout for customers to include their online purchase in your fundraiser. After a set period of time, we calculate total sales (minus discounts and shipping) and you will receive 50% of all print sales and 25% from canvas, journal, and bookmark sales.

I can even create a custom web page with a QR code so you can let people know about the fundraiser and how it works! For more information, click "Online" in the form below.

Request your package today!