God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways

We live in an age of globalization, a time when anyone with an internet connection can garner thousands, if not millions, of followers. What power that is! And so we face two temptations: the first being that we might implement world-wide change without God's help—if only our voices are loud enough. The second is that I cannot make the change that I want to if I do not first gain recognition on a broad scale.

Today we honor a young woman who stands in direct contradiction to both those assumptions. Here was a hidden soul, a little soul, who, in her short time on earth, did little more than write in her journal and live a very ordinary life full of love. Now she is recognized as a Doctor of the Church and remembered as "the greatest saint of modern times". (Pope Pius X) She is a reminder that God's ways are not our ways—that he can use us for his glory even when we are utterly insignificant by human standards.

So do not stand helpless—God is working in you right now, right where you are. Can you hear the call of His love? He does not promise you fame, but I guarantee you: there is no greater good that you can do than to walk within His perfect will... wherever that leads you.

"God cannot inspire unrealizable desires.
I can, then, in spite of my littleness, aspire to holiness."
— St. Therese of Lisieux

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