Mystical Rose

Well, it's about time I made an update.

It was an amazing experience selling my art for the first time at the Catholic Family Life Conference this summer. I received so much positive feedback, and it really confirmed in my heart once again that God has called me to bring a bit of beauty into the world through my art.
Summer, as always, is just way too crazy—helped of course by a very busy teething little girl—but I did manage to finish another painting! It was commissioned by a friend of mine as a wedding gift to his bride. I think it's my new favourite painting (though I always feel that way about whatever is newest, haha). It is called Mystical Rose and is now available for purchase on my online shop!

I really feel like I "locked" into my style with this one—from the tiny painstaking details of her face, to the vector-like gradients of the fabric, to the big carefree brushstrokes in the background. It took me a good 30+ hours... And I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

As the weather turns gloomy and wet, I feel the world slow down just a bit. I hope that I will be able to do some more painting in the coming months (especially since my wonderful husband got me such a nice art table for my birthday). Catholic heritage is full of inspiration!

Now, I've tried (and failed) to do the blog thing with a few of my other websites, but I'm going to try—really, truly try—to make somewhat frequent updates, as well as share some of the stories behind the paintings. If you would like to see me write about something, send me a message!

God bless and enjoy this miserable autumn day.


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Thank you and God bless!

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