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Saint Teresa of Calcutta


For the longest time I believed I would become a sister, and in particular a Missionary of Charity. Something within me burned for a life of service to the poor, of humble but difficult work for the glory of God. Though it was not to be (God called me instead to the humble but difficult work of a mother), Mother Teresa remains a model of selflessness and quiet dignity for me. I hope I captured a glimpse of her beautiful soul with this painting.

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Agnes was born into Macedonia in the year 1910. From a young age, she felt a stirring in her heart and knew God was calling her to share His love with the world. Finally, at age eighteen, she joined the Sisters of Loreto and became Teresa. For nearly two decades she taught girls at a school in Calcutta, India—but not even the walls could blind her to the poorest of the poor living in squalor beyond. Her heart was stirred yet again, and she received a call within a call. She knew she must enter into the darkness of humanity, bearing with her the light of Jesus Christ. Depending on Him alone, she received permission to leave the school and strike out into the streets to touch the untouchables, to heal their wounds with her overflowing love. Others, catching the spark of her passion, were set aflame and flocked to join her. God rewarded their trust in Him, providing for their every need, and a new order blossomed: the Missionaries of Charity. Like wings, the order spread across the world, simple nuns in blue-and-white saris traveling to Europe, Asia, Africa, America—everywhere, remembering forgotten souls, no matter how sick, ugly, or lost they may be. Mother Teresa, a little woman who, as a little girl, knew God desired His love to leap over the boundaries, did indeed answer His call, one soul at a time. In the year 1997, she passed from Earth to Heaven, to the One she loved in the squalor beyond the walls.