Spiritual Communion (Download)

It was with a broken heart that I learned this morning that all public masses in our diocese have been cancelled until further notice. Since I know that many of you, my brothers and sisters, find yourself in the same disheartening situation, I wanted to share this prayer of Spiritual Communion that I have held in my heart for the last 10 years. This is not an official prayer of the Church; it is my own plea to God. It has brought me great comfort over the years when I have been unable to make it to daily Mass.

Precious Jesus,
although I greatly desire it,
at this moment I am unable
to receive You in the
Most Holy Eucharist.
Therefore, I beseech thee, O Lord,
to bestow upon me mystically
all those graces I would
otherwise receive.
Fill me up until I am overflowing,
so that I may, in turn, share those graces
with the rest of the world.

Have faith, brothers and sisters! When churches are closed and the liturgy is denied us, I believe that Christ will pour himself into every heart that cries out to him with longing. ❤️

PLEASE feel free to download and print this prayer! And share with your friends and family!

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  1. I purchased this beautiful artwork many years ago and have it displayed at home. The irony is that I am presently on the other side of the country helping family and don’t have the benefit of this picture to help me through this dark time. Thank you so much for making it available. I really appreciate it! You are so talented and such a blessing to us all. God bless you and your family.


  2. Thanks so much for this, Tianna! It is nice to have a beautiful piece of artwork to reflect upon while doing spiritual communion.

  3. Tinana thank you so much for this beautiful prayer and picture. We are unable to have mass at present so I have been on sending your prayer and picture. Jesus bless you and your work and family. Western Australia. Our states are being closed as I speak. Time of prayer and great graces Fear Not I Am With You. 🙏🌹⛪️⚓️

  4. I purchased this image as a magnet when your dad was at a speaking event in CA about 10 years ago. The imagery struck me then and still does every time I see it. Thank you for making this beautiful art piece available to us for downloading with the added spiritual communion prayer! I have printed several copies and have one prominently displayed on my desk for easy viewing and recitation. I believe I will post others all around the house as a constant reminder to myself and my family to continual turn to God in hope during these days of uncertainty, for He is the one truth that we know is not fake news.

    • I didn’t paint it with any specific symbolism in mind, but I suppose it can represent many things… It could represent our personal struggles when everything seems to be going wrong. It could represent the ways our community or society is failing us. It could even be the literal end of the world… But through it all, even if everything is going down in flames, Christ will reign. He brings light into even the darkest places.

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