God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways

We live in an age of globalization, a time when anyone with an internet connection can garner thousands, if not millions, of followers. What power that is! And so we face two temptations: the first being that we might implement world-wide change without God's help—if only our voices are loud enough. The second is that I cannot make the change that I want to if I do not first gain recognition on a broad scale.

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Divine Mercy

I was both excited and nervous to begin this painting.

After all, the Divine Mercy image is not based off a photograph of a famous person or even just a "nice painting"—Jesus himself requested that this image be painted, so that the world may know of his mercy.

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Simple Holiness

"Holiness consists simply in doing God's will, and being just what God wants us to be."
—Saint Therese of Lisieux

This is something I have pondered often, because motherhood—as any mother would attest—is far from glamorous.

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