I Will be at FLC 2018!

To all my Western Canadian followers, I am excited to announce that I will have a table at the Family Life Conference again this year! Look for me in the vendors' tent—I will have all my standard prints in stock, as well as framed prints, canvasses, and a free raffle. I look forward to seeing you!

June 29 - July 2, 2018

Lac Ste. Anne, AB

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Prayer to St. Joseph for Husbands


Prayer to St. Joseph for husbands

St. Joseph, pray for me, that I may be a good and holy husband just as you were for Mary. Help me to stay strong in adversity, faithful in temptation, and prayerful in all the decisions I make.

Pray for me, that I may be a kind and loving father just as you were for Jesus. Help me to be firm in discipline, gentle in guidance, and honourable in the example I set.

Walk with me as you walked with the Mother and Child on the road to Egypt. May I bring peace and joy and love to my family, with you as my example and God as my strength.


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The Joy of Christmas

"Christmas is, for me, the joy and love that passed between a young woman and the child who had been placed in her arms."

— Scott Hahn, Joy to the World

A year and a half ago, my midwife handed me a pink little girl, and my world exploded. After 24 hours of hard labour, I will never forget how instantly I fell in love with this beautiful new person.  

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